Sunday, August 3, 2014

Looming disaster

I thought we had escaped the loom bands craze but then Em's adopted "big sister" at school gave her some, and Nana bought her some, and she was officially part of the craze. I'm not a crafty type so didn't even try, and Em doesn't really have the patience, so mostly she just ended up winding them round her fingers. 

In the car one day she had a bunch looped around her fingers when she said:

Em: This ones hurting. 
Me: Take it off if it's hurting; you'll cut off your circulation. 
Em: (taking loom bands off fingers) What's circulation?
Me: It's the blood flowing round your body. 
Em: Lucky I took it off then or I could die!
Me: You wouldn't die sweetheart. 
Em: Yes, if my blood stopped following I would die. 
Me: Only if the blood stopped flowing round your whole body. If you left a loom band tight on your finger for days and days your finger might fall off, but you wouldn't die.  
Em: And then I'd get a robot thumb! Some people have robot fingers and foots. Or hair. But I'm glad I don't have robot hair or it would move all slowly, not fast swishing like this. 

Bionic girl? :)

Weather the weather, whatever the weather...

We carpool with my mum, Nana Jay, and although it often seems like Ember is not listening, being busy playing Minecraft or similar on my iPad in the back, we often find from her occasional interjections that she is, in fact, tuning in. The other day it was raining on the way in...

NJ: What horrible weather! Hate it!
Em: Why do you hate it Nana?
NJ: It's raining.
Em: But why do you hate the rain?
NJ: It's cold and wet.
Em: Well Nana, it's winter. It rains in the winter.
NJ: Yes Ember, you're right.
Em: So you just have to get used to it.

And with that she went back to her game.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boys are silly

Em came in for weekend morning cuddles this morning and out of the blue said:

Em: Mama. You know when little guys grow up into big guys?
Me: Yes.
Em: Do they turn into silly ones?
Me: Some of them do.
Em: So the ones who are silly when they're little guys stay silly when they're growed up?
Me: Pretty much, yes.
Em: Some of the boys in my class are silly ones. I think they'll be silly ones when they are growed up. L is the silliest. I think he'll be the leader of the silly ones when he is a big guy. He's just so silly!
Me: What does he do?
Em: Oh, you know. Silly stuff. He's the leader of the silly team.