Thursday, March 31, 2011

Or is it superman?

I have a small red spot on my right cheek, which most people probably think is a mole, but which is actually a blood vessel.  Children have always been fascinated by it (favourite comment ever, from a girl at Mum's school: "Can you move it to the other side?) and Ember is no exception.  It obviously caught her eye in the car on the way home today (I was sitting next to her in the back).

Em: What you got on there?
Me: It's a blood vessel.
Em: Bluh vessah?
Me: That's right.
Em: (big grin) I bite it?
Me: No, you can't bite it!
Em: Yes, I eat it! (starts making chomping faces)
Me: You can't eat it, it's part of my body, that would be yucky.  It would be like eating my finger.  Do you want to eat my finger?
Em: Yes! (grabs my little finger and tries to bite it.  Several moments of trying-to-eat-mummy hilarity ensues...)


Em: What you got on there, called name?
Me: Blood vessel.
Em: No, it's a bird!

Could have been worse I suppose!

Stones: Not dinner

A few weeks ago, I was carrying Em over the road to Toddlers (her part of Campus Creche).
Em: Don't bite the road mummy!
Me: I won't I promise.
Em: Stones is not dinner.

I have absolutely no idea where that one came from! But she's right...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The mothering instinct

When I picked Ember up from Toddlers today (her daycare, part of Campus Creche), Kelly (one of the teachers) said to me: "Ember took very good care of her baby [doll] all day today."  There was a slight pause and then she said to me: "Do you have someone close to you with a young baby?"  I smiled and said "Was Ember breast feeding her baby?"  She was indeed.

The great thing is that at home she "breast" feeds her dollies from her belly button - they have milk and then water!  I figure it's more natural than feeding her dolly from a bottle anyway. 

Amber and Laura have a lot to answer for :-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Going to school

When I got home from work today, Ember said to me:
Em: I'm going to school!
Me: Are you?
Em: I'm a big girl when I go to school.
Me: That's right, when you're a big girl like Isla and Alice you'll go to school too.
Em: Yes, go to school. When I'm five.
Me: Who were you talking to about school?
Em: Cockatoo in a cage.

Silly question Mummy!

Mama (not you mama)

Ember has started role-playing quite a lot with her toys (which is scary because I hear my own voice coming out of her mouth fairly often!)  A week or so ago she was playing 'five little ducks' with all her bath ducks, and we had this very confusing conversation:

Em:   (in the bath) Mama?
Me:   yes?
Em:   no, not you mama, mama duck mama
Me:   oh, okay
Em:   Mama?
Me:   yeah?
Em:   no, not mama, mama duck mama!
Me:   ok, sorry
Em:   Mama? (pause) Mama? (pause) MAMA?
Me:   yes?
Em:   not you mama, mama duck mama!
Me:   I don't think she's going to answer
Em: ... (starts voicing Mama Duck)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chocolate Cake

One of the first 'Emberisms' happened when she was quite little. Simon picked up a hairclip and said "Shall I put this in your hair?"  Ember replied "No, it's a chocolate cake."


The flavour of dinosaurs

Em was playing maypole round a large oak tree on one of our walks when she suddenly stopped:
Em: RARRRR! Jump. Yum! I just eated a dinosaur Mummy!
Me: Did you?  What did it taste like?
Em: Like cuckoos.
Me: Really?  What do cuckoos taste like?
Em: (pause, like 'duh mummy') Taste like dinosaurs.

I asked her a couple of days later what dinosaurs taste like, and she said 'sausages' - so I guess I may never know!


On waking tangled in her duvet after her nap on Saturday, Ember called out "Mummy, help! I'm stuck in bedtime!"

I think we all wish that was a valid excuse for staying home from work...

Emilie and James (and Thomas)

A couple of weeks ago, two of my friends from work came to visit me in Raglan. Sarah brought her golden retriever, Holly, along for a bit of a beach run, and Em was completely smitten. The whole day has obviously stuck in her memory as she's talked about Holly (or 'Polly') a few times now. She hadn't mentioned it for a while, and then on Saturday, out of the blue, came this little gem:

(in the car, Ember pipes up from her carseat)
Em: What's that girl called name?
Me: Which girl?
Em: Come with Holly.
Me: Sarah?
Em: No, not Sarah, other girl.
Me: Emilie?
Em: Yes, Emilie. Where's Emilie?
Me: I don't know. She's probably at her house.
Em: Where's Sarah?
Me: She's at her house.
Em: Where's Holly?
Me: Holly's at Sarah's house.
Em: Emilie at Sarah's house?
Me: No, Emilie lives at her house
Em: Lives at Sarah's house?
Me: Emilie lives at her own house, with a boy called James.
Em: James friends with Thomas the tank engine!
So now Ember thinks Emilie lives with Thomas the Tank Engine. She keeps talking about Emilie and James and Thomas, and would probably love to go and visit..!