Thursday, November 24, 2011

Political Advice

We have an election coming up in New Zealand, and in Raglan we are tacked on to the top of the Taranaki/King Country electorate, which is an odd combination. We only have four candidates to choose from, although under MMP we can also cast a vote for any party. I decided to get Ember's advice on my voting choices.

Me: So who do you think I should vote for Ember? Labour, National, United Future, or the Green Party?
Em: (big gasp) Green party! I have a green party! I have another green party mummy? With a green cake, and Matta can come and everybody bring me presents? Oh yay mummy, that's very cited (excited) now!
Me:... So you think I should vote for the Green Party then?
Em: I like green it's my favourite colour. You like red mummy and daddy likes blue.

Actually, come to think of it, that's quite apt!

A 'normal' conversation with Ember...

This morning, on our way to Toddlers, we said hello to Erika, who works in my building. This resulted in the following conversation!

Em: Who’s that?
Me: That’s Erika.
Em: That’s your friend?
Me: Yes.
Em: Ekka go to your work?
Me: Yes, she works in the same building.
Em: You see her?
Me: Well, yes, I saw her just then.
Em: I see Rumour [or possibly Ruma?]
Me: You see who?
Em: Rumour. I see Rumour Mummy.
Me: Rumour?
Em: Yes. Rumour.
Me: Oh, you know Bruce Willis’ daughter do you?
Em: Yes, I do.   She got my granny’s dawdles [or something like that]
Me: Your granny’s dawdles?
Em: Yes, she does.
Me: What’s that?
Em: Ummm (pause, finger on cheek in classic ‘I’m thinking’ pose) Hmmm, let me think about it. (pause) Oh, I know what it is.  We got to go to Daddy’s tickle party!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back, after a short hiatus!

Ember in the bath tonight:

Em:  Look the boat's got no people.  Just a driver.  Here he goes to pick up the people.  Oh no, the boat's sinking!
Me: Oh no, I hope the driver can swim.
Em: No he can't!
Me:  Well I hope he's wearing a life jacket.
Em: Yes, he is.  But then a shark comes along and goes 'crunch' in his mouth.  He crunch the driver.
Me: Is he all right?
Em: Nope, he crunch him in his mouth and his jacket.  But then Santa come along and gentle the shark and say (deep Santa voice) "You can't eat people, go in time out" and the shark does and he doesn't crunch Santa. (pause)  Now the boat's going back to the school to get another driver.  Oh no! The boat's sinking again!