Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flying toilets

Partly because the toilet roll dispenser is a bit of a reach from our toilet, and partly because it's easier (for her), Ember still calls for mummy and/or daddy's assistance when she's done on the toilet. She manages on her own at school, so I suspect it's mostly about habit and convenience at home! Anyway, yesterday was rather funny...

Em: Mummy! Come and wipe me!
Me: ok, coming. 
Em: no, wait, don't come yet.
Me: ok.

Quiet for a few minutes.

Me: are you ok? What are you doing?
Em: I'm ok. I'm just waiting in case the toilet flies me away somewhere.
Me: you're what?
Em: I wished the the toilet might fly me away somewhere!
Me: you'd better hope it doesn't; that might get a bit messy!

We did read a little bit of The Wishing Chair a while back, before going back to The Faraway Tree, so perhaps that's where it's come from.  I don't think that "The Wishing toilet" would be quite so popular a tale...

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