Friday, November 21, 2014

Life after death

In the car yesterday Em suddenly piped up...

Em: Mummy. You know when you're dead?
Me: Yes.
Em: Where do you go? Do you come back as an animal?
Me: Well, no-one really knows. Some people think that your spirit, the bit inside you that makes you you, goes up to heaven; some people think you get reincarnated, come back onto earth as a different person or as an animal; some people think there's nothing, you just get reabsorbed into the world; some people think you go up to be a star... but no-one knows for sure.
Em: When I die, then I'll know for sure.
Me: Yes, I guess you will.
Em: I hope I come back as an animal. Do you know what I want to come back as Mummy?
Me: A tiger [since she tells me daily that she's a real baby tiger]
Em: No. A horse.
Me: Oh, ok.
Em: No actually an alicorn. They have wings AND a unicorn horn.
Nana: That sounds like a good idea Em: I'll come back as one of them too.
Em: Ok Nana!

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