Thursday, September 24, 2015

U.S. of Aliens?

Em is a big fan of a game called Animal Jam, which is a National Geographic innovation, and she learns a lot from it. I assumed it was based in America, and we have talked about that and the time difference when it is down for maintenance when Em wants to play. 

Today in the car...
Em: is it nearly autumn in Australia?
Me: you mean America?
Em: yes, is it nearly autumn in America?
Me: yes, it is autumn now in America, but they call it fall. 
Em: oh. Do you know how I knowed that?
Me: no
Em: because it's going into autumn in Animal Jam. But they didn't call it fall. 
Me: oh, well maybe Animal Jam isn't based in America. Maybe it's in England or Europe somewhere. 
Em: or maybe they just called it in English because Americans would know what Autumn is but humans might not know what fall is. 

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