Friday, February 24, 2012

New Ambers for Ember

Ember sometimes gets confused when people have the same name as other people.  She quite often checks up as to whether it's the 'same' person or a 'different' one, which can be amusing in itself.  The other day though, she changed it to 'new' and 'old'.  I was on the phone to my friend Amber, and when I hung up, we had this conversation:

Em: Was that the old Amber?
Me: What?
Em: Was that a old Amber or a new Amber?
Me: It was the same Amber.
Em: Oh. (pause) Why?
Me: Why what?
Em: Why was it not a new Amber?
Me: Because I like Amber, I don’t need a new one.
Em: (pause) I’ve got a new Amber.  I’ve got five of them.  They’re called babies. I got five new baby Ambers.
Me: Do you?
Em: Yes, you pat them coz they’re called cats. They’re baby cats.  (pause) They’re here in my basket. You got, I give you a baby cat in my sticker book.  Do you want that one Mummy?
Me: (pause)...Um, I’m not sure...

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