Friday, February 24, 2012

Bits and Pieces

I haven't posted for a while so I've collected a whole lot of little bits in my head I've been meaning to post about.  Rather than spam up the Facebook news feed with multiple posts, I thought I'd put them all into one...

You may have noticed that Ember likes cats. And the number five.  Well this snippet has all this and more!
Em: I got five cats at my house.
Me: Do you? What are their names?
Em: Um, Catty... Diggy... Rosty... Buddy... and ... Ember.  And the other one is Mummy Michael Daddy.


At Nick's birthday party, where a lot of people were camping on the lawn.
Em: (highly excited) Look! It's a tent!
Me: Yes, it is.
Em: And then the night comes...


When I picked Ember up from Toddlers yesterday she was very excited as they had been to Preschool to play, and her best buddy has recently moved up to Preschool.
Em: Mummy! We went to Preschool and I saw Aidan my favourite Slade!


At Toddlers today, Ember said (very carefully and deliberately) to Angela, one of the teachers:
Em: My Mummy AND my Daddy are going to pick me up today, because my Daddy is going to school and he's going to learn how to be a teacher.
Ang: That's good isn't it?  Is he going to be your teacher?
Em: (highly disdainful) No!  He got to go to his own work!


After popping in to my work in the morning and seeing Sarah:
Em: We seed Sarah didn't we Mummy?
Me: Yes, we did.
Em: She's my best kid in the whole world!


In the car pool the other day, Ember was getting Jo to read her stories (as usual).  Jo had gotten a bit tired of the old selection so I'd put a new lot in for her, one of which was "My Cat likes to Hide in Boxes".  Reading it wasn't exactly straightforward however...
Jo: "The cat from France likes to sing and dance..."
Em: My cat likes to sing and dance. My Pocoyo cat. She dances and I dance with her and I pick her up and we dance. And sing. My cat can sing too.
Jo: Ok... "The cat from Spain flew an aeroplane..."
Em: My cat flies an aeroplane.
Jo: Who? Pocoyo?
Em: Yes, she does. She flies in a aeroplane. I give it to her. It's a green one and she fly it.  Not Tabasco though. He doesn't go in my Pocoyo cat's plane.
Jo: No.
Em: No, he's too big and he breaks it.  But I buyed him a plane too and he flied it.
Jo: Really?
Em: Yep, I did.  My Pocoyo cat flied in a aeroplane and I went for a ride and I flied it.  And Tabasco. In a different plane.
Me: What about Jon? Does he have a plane?
Em: Nope.
Jo: Oh, poor Jon.
Em:  But I will buy him one.  I will.  I will get you a plane Jon.
Jon: Thank you Ember, that's very kind!
Jo: "The cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway..."
Em: Hmmm. My cat is NOT big and fat in the door.

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