Monday, July 30, 2012

Renee's Indian Wedding... or something...

Ember and I were in the car this evening, sheltering from the rain and waiting for our new carpool friend Fiona, and for Simon, who was working until 5.30.  I was still within range of my work wifi so I took the opportunity to have a look at the NZ Herald on my iPad.  Just as I closed it and went to put it away, Ember piped up:

Em: Did you get married last week?
Me: Um... no... why?
Em: Then why was you looking at the photos?
Me: What photos?
Em: Of your wedding.
Me: I haven't looked at my wedding photos for ages...
Em: Yes, you looked at them on your little TV [her name for my iPad]
Me: When?
Em: Just when you closed it.
Me: Just now you mean?
Em: (in her 'you're an idiot' voice) Yes, on your little TV!
Me: I wasn't looking at wedding photos...
Em: What was you then?

I flicked the iPad back open, showing her the article I had been looking at in the Herald app, about the 'mystery woman' who joined the Indian team in their Olympic parade.

Me: This one?
Em: Yes, is that you?
Me: Uh, no, this is the Indian Olympic team.
Em: But where was I?
Me: You weren't there.
Em: But where was I?
Me: You were at home in bed.
Em: You left me alone?
Me: No, I wasn't there either!
Em: Yes you was. In the photo.
Me: That's not me! It's the Indian Olympic team!
Em: Oh. But where was I?
Me: You were at home. I was at home. They were in London, at the Olympics.
Em: Oh. (pause) Can you open my cheese for me Mummy?

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