Monday, April 15, 2013

Trees have all the luck

We were up at Starship (the Auckland Children's Hospital) today for Ember's MRI scan - it looks like she has the all-clear, so we've been discharged from Starship and will now be seen by the visiting oncologist at Waikato once a year.  Hurrah!  Ember and I had some great conversations (she wants to live at Ronald McDonald House, where we stayed last night), but this one in the car coming home was a particular classic.  It came completely out of the blue; I hadn't told her off or anything...

Em: You can do everything you want to do Mummy?
Me: Um, no... What do you mean?
Em: Well you're a grown up, and grown ups can do everything they want to.
Me: No we can't.
Em: But just kids have to do what the teachers and their mummy and daddy say.  Grown ups doesn't do that.
Me: Grown ups have rules they have to follow too.  We have laws, and there are things like manners and customs too. It's a bit hard to explain, but we can't do anything we want to do.
Em: Oh.  Just trees and leaves can do everything they want?
Me: Yes, I suppose they can.
Em: Why?  Because they just sit there and say hello and wave their leaves at us?
Me: ...yes, probably...

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