Monday, April 29, 2013

It's (a kind of) magic?

Ember was in the bath yesterday when she did a "bottom burp"...

Em: (giggles) I did farties! 
Me: I know, I saw the bubbles.
Em: Farties in the bath makes bubbles.  That's maaaaagic, isn't it Mummy?
Me: Well, not really.  It's science.  Farts are air, and when you release air under the water it makes air bubbles.
Em: No, it's magic.  Lots of things are magic.
Me: What do you think magic is?
Em: Magic!
Me: Magic is mostly things we can't explain. Things that we know why and how they happen are science.  Like bubbles, and how plants grow, and why the sky is blue.
Em: I know why the sky is blue.
Me: Why?
Em: Because that's its colour! (pause) Magic bubbles!

Sometimes conversations with Ember just make me realise how little I know...

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