Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Besmirching Mummy's Reputation

I might need to change the title of my blog, as Ember is now a big School Girl!  In New Zealand the school year runs from February to December, but you can start school any time from the day you turn five, and you have to start by the time you're six.  Ember's birthday was on a Saturday, and she started the following Monday, part way into term 3.  The school had opened a new, new entrant classroom at the beginning of rerm 3 so the kids are all around the same age, and there were only seven of them when she started (there are about 12 now).  She's having a fantastic time, and loves her teacher, so that's the main thing anyway. :)

We have a new car pool buddy, Mike, and luckily he knew me quite well before we started car pooling as Ember has been doing her best to sully my good name.  The other day, halfway home, Ember suddenly said to me: "Mummy, I don't like it when you go and see the naughty boys," and refused to elaborate on what she meant.  I still have no idea!

This morning when Nana got out of the car, Ember blew her some kisses through the window.

Em: I blew Nana kissles!  I mean kisses! That was kind, wasn't it?
Me: Yes, it was.
Em: Mummy, are blow kisses real?
Me: What do you mean?
Em: When you blow someone a kiss, is it real?
Me: Well, it's a real thing.  You really blow someone a kiss, don't you?
Em: Some people say it's not.
Me: Who?
Em: The boys.  The boys say blowing a kiss isn't a real kiss.
Me: Which boys?
Em: All of them! Except Curtis.

It was quite hard to stifle my laughter...

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