Sunday, July 31, 2011

Introducing Daddy, and strange birthday parties.

Hayley and Donnie, friends of ours who live up the road, got married yesterday.  Donnie is full-time stay-at-home dad for their daughter Emma, who is a year younger than Ember.  They invited us over to a post-wedding brunch BBQ today (which was quite funny as all the family etc looked somewhat hungover and very much looking forward to their bacon rolls!)

Ember is often a bit reticent with new people, especially when there are lots all at once.  However, something about Donnie's mum (who Ember had never met before) must have struck a chord as Em immediately put up her arms for a cuddle and a funny conversation:

Em: I got a cat at home, name's Pocoyo. We got a puppy in our car. Name's 'Basco.  This is my daddy, Simon. He's a good driver and he does painting.

With that she hopped down and didn't say a word to anyone else the rest of the time.  She was being a bit silly/grumpy though, so we decided to head off.  Em got really upset and I finally realised that due to a couple of conversations she'd had prior to the BBQ, she had thought that this was her birthday party, and she didn't want to leave!  Poor Em, goodness knows what she thought, she must have been wondering why none of her friends were at her party, and why no-one was singing to her! I think I managed to convince her that her party was not for a couple of weeks...

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