Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We go to the library most Saturday mornings and Ember has become great friends with one of the librarians, Chanel.  Last Saturday Chanel was away and Ember was most perturbed, asking the 'replacement' librarian "Where's 'Nel?"  This Saturday when we got to the library Chanel was back...

Em: 'Nel! You come back!  Where you go?
Chanel: I was in Auckland watching my daughter and some other people do dancing.
Em: Yes, and now you back with your people.
Chanel: "Back with my people"... I like that!

Tonight, after dropping off all the carpool people at their respective destinations:
Em:  Bye Jo! (pause) It's just you and me.
Me: Yep, it's just you and me kiddo.
Em: No Kaiya, no Jo, no Jon.  We picked them all off.

I'd like to assure you that I have not shot any of my carpool people; I just dropped them off!

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  1. Kids are the best - Michael was telling me a bedtime story the other night and he said "...and then came a big, GIANTOUS DINOSAUR!"

    He was saving time because it's much quicker to say giantous than gigantic and enormous!



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