Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Ember!

Ember is three today!  I know every parent says this, but it's hard to believe my little baby is three ;)

Em's managed to make it a bit of a birthday week, as she had Mainly Music on Monday, Toddlers on Wednesday for her actual birthday, and a party this Saturday.  On Monday evening I asked her about her day.

Me: Did you go to Mainly Music today?
Em: Yep.
Me: Did they sing "happy birthday" to you?
Em: Yes, they did, and they sing it and I run outside and I shout really hard, I say "No, don't do it!"
Me: Didn't you want them to sing to you?
Em: No, and I shout really hard and I say "No, I don't like it" and they do.
Me: They did sing "happy birthday"?
Em: Yes, they did.
Me: Why didn't you like it?
Em: No.
Me: But why, why didn't you like them singing to you?
Em: They was sad!
Me: Who was?
Em: The people was. The people was sad and they sing it, and I run outside and say "No!".
Me: Why were they sad?
Em: Yes, they sad, the people sad and they crying. They crying Mama.
Me: Why were they crying?
Em: Because it my birthday and they sing it to me.
Me: Oh...

According to Simon, what actually happened was that they sang happy birthday to Ember and two other children, she walked up to collect her birthday cup, and then sat down again... :)


  1. I think you've got another writer in the family! She's certainly got a vivid imagination, not to mention a flair for the dramatic!

  2. Maybe more in the acting line. Saturday will be interesting. How did yesterday at Toddlers go?

  3. Ha she's hilarious! Good thing you had Daddy watching to set the story straight. I wonder how many things she tells you are imaginative?


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