Friday, August 26, 2011

Don't eat them...

Ember has a cabin loft bed which is higher than a normal bed but not as high as a top bunk.  Usually when I put her to bed I climb up to read her some stories.  But a couple of nights ago she had her baby doll under a tea towel (sorry, "blanket") in my usual spot.

Em: You can't come up Mummy, baby is sleeping. Don't wake her up, he's sleeping.
Me: (slightly sarcastically) OK, shall I just stand down here and read you stories then?
Em: Yes, because he's sleeping. You can't wake him up.
Me: OK, I won't.  Is your baby a boy or a girl?
Em: A girl.
Me: So she's a she. Not a he.
Em: Yes, he's a she.
Me: She's a she.
Em: He's just 'tend ["pretend"] Mummy.  He's not real. Not a real baby.  He doesn't really sleep. Eat. He doesn't really, he doesn't really eat, he's just 'tend.  He don't eat... just 'tend. He don't, you don't, you don't really eat... really eat... you don't... you don't eat babies Mummy.
Me: (trying not to laugh *too* much)  No, I won't, I promise.

We have lots of these at the moment, where she is trying really hard to say something particular but it goes round and round until it becomes something else entirely!

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