Friday, August 12, 2011

Naughty tree-painting girls and Charlie going round

I've remembered a few things I meant to post during my month gap in posting, so I'll put what I can remember here.

For a while, every time we got to a certain part of the deviation (the windy, hilly part of the Raglan road), Ember would say:
Em: Naughty girls!
Me: What?
Em: They paint the trees!
Me: What girls?
Em: The naughty girls, they paint the trees, they do Mama, they paint it.  They naughty girls.

I never did figure that one out.

After we switched Ember to the more grown up version of the carseat, she took a little while to adjust to being lower to the seat and less firmly wedged into the seat.  One day, when Charlie was driving and I was sitting next to Ember, we had this conversation:

Em: No! Charlie's make me sad!
Me: What's the matter?
Em: He fall down me.
Me: You're ok.
Em: No, Charlie make me sad, he do.
Me: Why are you sad?
Em: Because Charlie drives around!
Charlie:  That's because this part of the road has corners.  So I have to drive round them.  But we're coming out of the cornery phase now and coming into a straight phase.
Em: (pause) I've got a face.

She makes me LOL! :)

More snippets to come as I remember them...

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