Thursday, March 8, 2012

Conversations in the car...

We currently have a friend from London staying, Hannah, who can now attest to the accuracy of this blog!  We have just returned from a trip to Kerikeri where we hung out with Gran and Brian, and Hannah also went on a bus trip up to Cape Reinga.  A lovely time was had by all, and we are now back in Auckland for a couple of days before heading home to Raglan.  We've had a few funny conversations over the course of the car journey - here is a selection of ones I can remember.

On our way North, Hannah commented that there weren't as many sheep as she had been expecting.  I explained that there are fewer up North, but that she would see plenty during her stay in New Zealand.
Me: I'll have to take you to Rotorua to see the sheep show at the Agrodome.
Em: Can I come to the sheep show?
Me: Yes.
Em: Is there a witch in it?
Me: Uh, no, it's not that kind of show.  It's just about sheep.
Em: Do they kill them?
Me: No!
Em: Why?
Me: It's not that kind of show!


In Orewa, after stretching our legs at the playground and refuelling the car and ourselves, Ember must have decided Hannah was looking dehydrated:

Em: Would you like some of my juice Hannah?
Han: Thank you Ember, but I'm ok.
Em: Have you got a drink?
Han: No, but I'm all right
Em: Have some juice, here (passes juice forcefully forward)
Han: Thanks Em, that's very kind
Em: You got to take the lid off.
Han: Yes, I will.
Em: Don't drink it all!

I wonder where this bossy streak comes from... :)


Coming out of Waitangi today:

Me: Do you need to go wees?
Em: Nope.
Me: Well, when we get to Paihea you have to go all right?
Em: Why?
Me: We've got a long way to go.
Em: But why does I got to do wees?
Me: Otherwise you might go in your car seat and that would be yucky.
Em: I won't Mummy.  The wees will stay in my willy.
Me: You haven't got a willy sweetheart.
Em: What is it where my wees are?
Me: Your vagina.
Em: Bagina. Bagina.  I got a bagina.  Have you got a bagina Mummy?
Me: Yes.
Em: And boys got a willy?
Me: Yes, but it's called a penis.
Em: Penis? Why?
Me: It's the proper name for a willy.
Em: Oh. What's the Maori word for bagina?
Me: Um... I have no idea! (anyone know??)

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