Thursday, February 28, 2013

A fishy tale

Ember was eating her dinner tonight when she suddenly said:

Em: Mama, is the big big fish under our path?
Me: Um, what?
Em: Is the big big fish under our trees and our path?

She's had a wee cold and her voice was croaky, so I couldn't quite hear what she was saying.

Me: Sorry hun, I can't quite hear you.  Is the big fish where?
Em: Under our trees and our path? And under our sky?
Me: Is the big big fish under our trees and our path?
Em: Yes!
Me: I don't know what you mean Ember.  What big fish?
Em: In the Maui book.

Finally it clicked.  One of Ember's favourite books is "Te Ika a Maui - The Fish of Maui".  It's a Maori legend about a demi-god, Maui, who fishes up the North Island of New Zealand using his grandfather's magic jawbone. (Trust me, it all makes sense)  If you look at the shape of New Zealand, the North Island looks a bit like a stingray, and the South Island looks a bit like a canoe (waka).  Hence the legend. Ever since we first read that story, Ember has been fascinated by the fact that we live on the back of a giant fish. 

Of course, it's been about three months since we last read that book, and it was completely out of the blue, so hopefully Mama can be forgiven her slowness!

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