Monday, February 11, 2013

Caring and sharing

I have a decent commute to work each day (45 minutes), and three days a week Ember joins me in order to  go to her preschool, which is just opposite my office.  We drive into the sun both ways, and at particular times of the year this does make for some pretty spectacular sun-strike in some parts of the journey, like this morning...

Em: Mama, can I borrow one of your sunglasses?
Me: No sweetie, I need them.
Em: But I need to block my eyes or the sun will get in them! You have to share!
Me: I need them to drive Ember, I can't see without them.
Em: But that's not fair!  I make you all kinds of necklaces and nice things and you have to share your things or it's not kind!
Me: We'll have to get you some more of your own to keep in the car.
Em: But the sun is trying to get in my eyes now!
Me: Close your eyes then.
Em: No, that's not a good idea. You give me your sunglasses and you can close your eyes.
Me: I'm driving; if I close my eyes we'll crash!  I tell you what, I'll see if I can get you some today and then you can wear them on the way home.

(longish pause)

Em: (muttering loudly to herself) It's not fair Mama, you have to share your things.  I always share my things with you and make you nice things and you have to share your things. It's not good if you don't share.

Needless to say, her willingness to share is often directly related to her desire for someone else to share with her!  Although she is pretty good at sharing for her age - better than Mummy, apparently!

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