Friday, May 3, 2013

An Epic Sleepover

Ember is going for her first sleepover at a friend's house tomorrow night.  She's stayed at Nana's a couple of times without us there, but this will be the first time at a friend's.  She's very excited about it and couldn't stop talking about it this evening.

Em: I'll miss you when I'm at M's house.  Will you miss me?
Me: I sure will.
Em: I'm just staying at M's house for one night aren't I?
Me: Yes, just tomorrow night.
Em: Oh.  I wish I could stay lots of nights.  I wish I could stay for one thousand nights! That would be long, wouldn't it?
Me: It would be long.  That would be about three years.  You'd be there till you were eight!
Em: I'd have to have my birthday there?
Me: Yep.
Em: Ok, I want to do that.
Me: I'd miss you if you were gone that long.  Wouldn't you miss Daddy and me?
Em: You could come and visit.  You could come too!
Me: Where would I sleep?
Em: No, not to stay.  You could just come for the party and then go off again.
Me: Thanks very much!
Em: Tomorrow is going to be so much fun, ay Mum?  But not for you ay Mum?  You're not staying at someone's house; you're going to have a boring day!

Here's hoping it goes as well as anticipated...

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