Sunday, June 2, 2013

The value of money

We've been trying to teach Ember about money, and have set her up with a money box (although at present it's just an empty vege stock tin!).  She's enjoying collecting money, but doesn't really have any idea yet of how much various coins etc are worth, or how this translates into buying something from a shop.  The concept of foreign money is particularly...uh, foreign...

Today whilst building, she came across a UK 10pence piece in amongst the blocks.

Em: Look Mummy I found a dollar! I'll put it in my money box.
Me: Well, that one isn't New Zealand money, so don't put it in your money box.
Em: Why not?
Me: You can't spend it.  It's not for spending in New Zealand.
Em: Oh.  Shall we give it to someone from that land?
Me: It's only 10 pence, so they probably won't be all that worried about having it.
Em: I'll give it to Daddy, he'll know what to do with it

She runs off to the kitchen to consult Simon

Em: I gave it to Daddy and told him to get it out of Raglan.  To fly it to the new village. Where it lives.

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