Monday, January 30, 2012

Bucket of Bolts!

We were all watching television this evening, just before packing the kid off to bed.  I can't remember what I said that started the conversation off as the subsequent conversation wiped everything else from my memory!

Si: (to me) You're a bit odd.
Me: (pointing at Ember) She's a bit odd!
Em: Don't call me a name! I'm not bit odd. (pause) Bucket of bolts!
Me: What?
Em: Bucket of bolts!
Me: Who says that?
Em: Me. It was my voice.
Si: But where did you get it from?
Em: I get my voice in my mouth. From the ----shop (it was a 'something' shop we couldn't quite hear)
Si: From the what? The bucket shop?
Em: No, from the f**k shop.
Me: (quietly dies of laughter in the corner)
Si: Oh, is that right? Is that where voices come from?
Em: Yep, you go in and ask the people and they put it in your mouth and you say 'Hello'.
Si: Right.
Em: Bucket of bolts!

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  1. OMG! It's not Bly speaking through Ember is it? I was going through the filing cabinet in the big desk yesterday and came across the 'memoirs' of hers you typed up. Talk about 'bucket of bolts'- totally random stuff.


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