Friday, January 13, 2012

Swimming pools

Ember was in the bath the other night, and I was supposed to be washing her hair.  We had such a great conversation that I had to stop and note it down before I forgot.  It was even better than what I managed to note down, but I think I got the gist of it.

Em: (completely out of the blue) Have we got a swimming pool in our fridge?
Me: ... um... no?
Em: We already did it?
Me: I'm not sure what you mean...
Em: We already use the swimming pool?
Me: We've got a blow-up swimming pool in the cupboard, but we haven't used it yet.  It hasn't been sunny enough, and we don't want to get it out while there's so much building stuff around.
Em: Oh, but please!
Me: Emma's got her swimming pool up, remember? Maybe on the weekend we can go and have a swim in her pool.
Em: Let's go now!
Me: Well, we can't go now.
Em: Why?
Me: It's bed time.  Emma will be in bed.
Em: No, not now, when we get our stuff. We get our stuff and it turns into a puppy and he jumps into my arms and says 'woof woof!'.  And I take him to Toddlers and everyone gentle him and they say "he a nice puppy" and they all love him.

I have no idea.

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