Friday, January 13, 2012

Never smile at a... cicada?

We got Ember a springfree trampoline for Xmas, and Ember and I go on it most days (even if the trampoline is wet, just as long as it's not actually raining. Hard.)  The trampoline has a net around it and it seems to be a favourite resting place for cicadas.  I spotted one on the outside of the net this evening and pointed it out to Ember.

Em: (squealing, like a big girl's blouse) What is it?
Me: It's a cicada.
Em: I won't touch it.
Me: You can if you like it won't hurt you.
Em: You do it.

I touch the underside of the cicada through the net, probably annoying it, but it didn't move.

Em: Stop! It doesn't like bouncing!
Me: It's ok, look, it's not moving.
Em: I touch it?
Me: If you want to.
Em: (gets very close but doesn't quite touch it) Eeeee! It's going to hurt me!
Me: No it won't!
Em: No, Ember girls don't like being touched by alligators!

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