Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best Frenemies

Ember has a best buddy at creche called Aidan.  They became fast friends at Toddlers, but Aidan is a couple of months older so moved up to Preschool earlier than Ember.  Absence seems to have 'made the heart grow fonder' in this instance at least, as now that Ember is at Preschool too, they are back to their old ways.  There is occasional heart break when they are being too silly together and have to be separated, but generally they play quite nicely.

However, being three, there is always occasion for tears, and one such occasion happened yesterday.

Me: Did you have a good day at Preschool?
Em: (smiling and seeming fine) No! I had a bad day Mummy.
Me: Why, what happened?
Em: Aidan said "Poo poo bum bum"!
Me: Oh dear..!

I mentioned this to Yvette, one of the teachers, and apparently she had had a similar conversation with Ember earlier in the afternoon:

Em: Aidan said "poo poo bum bum" to me!
Yv: Well, you konw what to do. You need to say "Aidan, I don't like it when you call me that.  Please stop it."
Em: I did say and he won't stop, he keeps saying "poo poo bum bum" to me.
Yv:  Then maybe you need to go and find someone else to play with.
Em: But I want to play with Aidan!

Apparently the rest of the afternoon went something like this:
A: Poo poo bum bum!
Em: No, Aidan I don't like it!
A: Poo poo bum bum!
Em: (crys, runs away for a little while, comes back)
A: Poo poo bum bum!

Repeat, ad nauseum.

It's just lucky my Dad isn't still around as, hearing this story, the first thing he would say to Ember on seeing her would be "Poo poo bum bum"!


  1. :(

    Roll on washing his mouth out with soap (I'll have to ask my Mum what age she started that with us, although they'd probably consider it child abuse nowadays).

    Hopefully they go back to being great mates again because they are so sweet when they play together. Plus she won't want to come to his birthday party if he doesn't start being nicer...

  2. They are both as bad as each other! Besides, when I got there, she was still sitting next to him sharing crackers :)


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