Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Very Dangerous Spoon

Ember and I were having breakfast in the lounge this morning.  At her request, Ember was having "Seventy rice bubbles with too much milk" sitting in her Winnie the Pooh chair which has a little table attached.  I sat down on the couch behind her, happening to find another teaspoon nestled under a cushion, so I put it next to Ember's chair so I'd remember to take it out to the kitchen.

Em: (finding the other spoon) Who is this spoon?
Me: No-ones
Em: But whose is it? Who is using it?
Me: Nobody, it's a spare one I found on the couch.
Em: Shall I use it?
Me: If you like.
Em:  Ok, I will use this spoon and you can put this one (her spoon) on the couch.
Me: Ok
Em: But be careful, that spoon's been chewed with Ember breath.
Me: What?
Em: I was just using it for my rice bubbles so it's got Ember breath on it.  Don't touch the breath Mummy!


  1. Awww she is so cute!! I love the Ember conversations!

    1. Thanks Holly - she keeps me entertained for sure!


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