Friday, April 13, 2012

Career goals...

For a while now Ember has said she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  This has mostly been since her own hospital experiences, and mostly because she wants 'a cool eye machine like Dr Rosser'.  Last time someone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she replied "A doctor and a tiger."  Occasionally it has been teacher, which I blame on Nana Jay.

The other day though, she came out with something completely out of the blue on her own when we were sitting in the car waiting for Simon.

Em: When I grows up, I doesn't want to be a doctor any more Mummy.
Me: Oh, ok.  What do you think you want to be instead?
Em: Um, a mummy!
Me: That's a nice idea.  How many children are you going to have?
Em: Um, five!
Me: Boys or girls?
Em: Both.
Me: How many of each are you going to have?
Em: Um, five!
Me: So you're going to have five girls and five boys?
Em: Yep.
Me: So you're going to have ten children all together?
Em: Um, yep!
Me: What are their names going to be?
Em: Robot. And Rosie. Robot's a boy and Rosie's a girl.  And they is friends.  Robot is nice to Rosie.
Me: Ok, what about the others?

With a bit of humming and haa-ing, she eventually came up with the following list of names, entirely on her own - the girls' names were Rosie, Flower, Mella, Maida and Cake, and the boys' names were Robot, Porridge, Roast Beef, Robot Again and Bed.

I think she's going to be very busy!

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