Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man's best... Investment?

Ember is crazy about animals, particularly dogs and cats. Whenever we come across people walking their dogs (which is fairly regularly as we live by the beach) she wants to stop and say hello. After constant pleading to "be gentle" with our cat, who joined the family when Ember was two, Em refers to patting an animal as "gentling". It's a nice verb :) I have also been reinforcing with Ember that she can't just go running up to dogs, she has to find out who the owner is and ask them if she can pat (gentle) their dog.

Yesterday while wandering through town, we saw a couple sitting outside a cafe with a cocker spaniel.
Em: Can I gentle your dog?
Man: Yes, he's lovely and soft isn't he?
Em: What's his name?
Man: Cesky, see (shows her the dog's collar) That says "Cesky"
Em: Where did you get him from?
Man: From the pet shop.
Em: What did you pay for him?
Man: (laughing) About $400 dollars. That's a lot isn't it? (to me) She asks all the right questions doesn't she?!

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