Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A cow in cows' clothing

On our way into work/Preschool yesterday morning, we were just about over the boundary into Hamilton when Ember piped up in tones of great excitement from the back seat:

Em: Mummy!  Do you know what I saw?!  There were cows!
Me: Yes, there were!
Em: And the cows were wearing cow coats!
Me: Well, I think that was just the colour of the cows.
Em: No, they was wearing cow coats, they was wearing black and white cow coats because the cows were a bit chilly.
Me: They might have been, but those cows are called Fresians, and their coats are black and white.  I mean, they aren't wearing coats, their hair is just that colour.  Like Tabasco is woolly and apricot coloured.
Em: I has a cow at my green house.  And my cow is a bit chilly so he's wearing a cow suit, I give it to him.  I give him a cow suit because he's a bit chilly Mummy.

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