Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watch out for Wa[s]ps

 One of the lovely things about our new bathroom is that we have a bath.  Ember and I quite often have a bath together now (which really wasn't possible in the old paddling-pool-in-the-bottom-of-the-shower setup!)  It's one of my favourite times of day, because Ember and I always have fantastic conversations spanning all sorts of topics.

This evening in the bath, the conversation turned to bees...

Em: If you hurt bees they will sting you ay. You don’t hit bees coz they will sting you ay.
Me: Yes, and what happens if they sting you?
Em: Um, died.  But wops don’t die, ay. Wops will sting and sting and sting you and they nasty wops.  But Shea and... Sebby and Shea... Me and Shea and... Me and Sebby get that wops and make it dead of meat.
Me: Dead of meat?
Em: Yep and it says (high voice) “Oh no, I’m dead of meat and I’m going to just lie here forever. But if Sebby and Ember are in the house, and Shea comes home I will sting him and he will go OWWWWWWW!!” Wops will sting you if you hit them and if you gentle them.  You don't gentle wops.  But I gentle bees. Bees is nice and they got yellow stripes and I gentle them.
Me: Well, you shouldn't touch bees or wasps because they might think you're trying to hurt them and sting you.
Em: Yes! Bees has yellow stripes and they are nice ones.
Me: You shouldn't touch them sweety because they might sting you and that would really hurt.
Em: Ok, I won't touch them.  And I won't hurt you Mummy.
Me: Thanks!

A bit later we got onto her birthday list.  It was going to be a Christmas list, but I pointed out that her birthday came before Christmas.

Em: Um, I want a tractor. And a truck.  Just pretend toy ones, not big ones.
Me: Ok.
Em: And a dinosaur toy!
Me: Right.
Em: And a dass!
Me: A what?
Em: A dass!
Me: I don't know what that is.
Em: It's a dass and it's like a little bird. Or a elephant.
Me: I still don't know what it is.
Em: And I want a shower that goes over the door and the water comes out of.
Me: We've got a shower, there.
Em: No, a little one.
Me: How little?
Em: This little (holding her fingers very slightly apart)
Me: You mean a toy one?  Like for your dolls house?
Em: Yes, and a plastic doll for the shower.

Nana - take your pick!  I think you should get her a dass.

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