Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If only her subjects were more obedient...

For some time now I've thought that Ember might be destined for a career in teaching, given her love of telling people what to do and organising things the way she likes them.  However, more recently I suspect that she may be more suited to leading a dictatorship.

For example, every night Ember has either a sandwich or a cracker in bed.  She has them the same way every time, but whoever is entrusted with sandwich or cracker duty has to listen to the whole schpiel before being dismissed. E.G:
Me: Goodnight
Em: But Mummy I'm huuuuuuuungry
Me: Sandwich or cracker?
Em: Ummmm. Cracker. NO WAIT! (pause) Sandwich.
Me: OK (go to leave)
Em: No, wait! I got to tell you!
Me: I know what you want.
Em: No, stop Mummy, listen to my words that I'm saying to you.
Me: Fine...
Em: I want a sandwich with 40 butter and the whole sandwich -
Me: (heading for the door) yep, I know...
Em: Stop! I need to tell you! I want a sandwich with the whole sandwich and the whole butter, 50 butter and the sandwich like THAT (claps hands together).
Me: (staying, waiting)
Em: Like THAT (clap. Long pause) That's all! Go and get my sandwich now ok!

This evening she was playing with my iPad and went into the DrawSomething app.  She managed to buy a new colour pack (shades of green, surprise, surprise) and kept calling me over to show me as she drew with each one.  I was trying to do some work, but went to look each time (the things we do).  The last time I thought I may as well stay...
Em: Mummy look! I got another green! I like new colours they are fun and fun and fun.  That's my job, getting new colours.  Look what I drawed!
Me: (coming over) That looks cool.  I like the colours.
(I sit down next to her. She looks at me for a moment then points at the computer...)
Em: Will you go and work now over there please?

It's nice to feel appreciated...

Thankfully it does seem to work the other way sometimes too.  I was explaining why I wasn't going to get Ember a chocolate milk when we stopped for petrol, and on the brink of a tantrum Ember stopped herself and said: "Ok Mummy, I'll listen to your words."

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