Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hedgehog Soup?

Driving home this afternoon, I said to Em:

Me: I'm going to make soup for dinner, do you want to help me make it when we get home?
Em: Um, yep, I'll help you.
(just then I saw a hedgehog on the footpath)
Me: Oh look!
Em: What was it?
Me: A hedgehog.
Em: Oh, he's lonely!  I think he's going back to his home.
Me: I think he's probably not feeling very well.  Hedgehogs usually only come out at night; when they come out in the day time it usually means they aren't feeling very well.
Em: Well try not to squash him with the car Mummy, otherwise he will go up and be a star.  He'll be died.
Me: It's ok, I didn't squash him.
Em: Good.  You can make soup then.  If you squashed him, then you doesn't get to make soup.
Me: Oh really? Who says?
Em: That's the deal.
Me: Whose deal?
Em: It's my deal.

On the other hand, if I'd wanted to make hedgehog soup... ;)

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