Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Old Ladies

It's been a night of short and sweet Ember quotes, which are not really linked, and too short each to make a whole post out of, but put together will be quite respectable!

This evening Ember was being a puppy on her way to the bath.  Suddenly she looked up at me and said:

Em: Mum.  Little old ladies doesnt have big round noses, do they?
Me: Um, what?  Little old ladies?
Em: Yes, does little old ladies have big round noses? Yes, or no?
Me: Um, no?
Em: No. And they doesn't have long fluffy ears either.

I suspect this was somehow linked to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse episode she had just watched.


My grandma on Mum's side was really into dolls, and used to make porcelain dolls.  She always made babies rather than older children, and some of them are really quite beautiful.  Mum has a glass cabinet with quite a few of the dolls, but is planning to sell the house and doesn't really want to cart the dolls around the country with her, so we decided that Ember and her two cousins should be allowed to choose one doll each.  Last weekend when we were in Auckland, Ember took matters into her own hands, and chose a couple of the smaller dolls, plus one very beautiful sleeping baby doll. The baby has become a favourite - her name is Ruby and she goes to bed with Ember every night.  Ember gives her very gentle cuddles (as she has had a lecture about the fragility of porcelain dolls) and tonight said to me:

Em:  Shh Mummy, my baby is sleeping.  She just likes to sleep with me because I love her.  And when she wakes up, I will hold her close to my heart.

Goodness knows where she got that phrase from, but it was very sweet!


Tonight when I went in to turn Ember's light off (she always goes to sleep with it on), she was up the other end of the bed, on top of the blankets (Ruby was tucked in under the blankets, with her head on the pillow, at the right end).  I pulled the bedclothes back and picked Ember up to turn her around, murmuring "Come on sweety, that's it, good girl.  She stirred and opened her eyes, and said "No I'm not, I'm a naughty girl!" then closed her eyes and went back into a deep sleep... :)

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