Saturday, September 8, 2012

Big kids, cookies and buses

We've had a few choice Ember quotes today, so I thought I'd cluster them into one post.

The first was this morning, when the weather was still being nice to us, and Ember was on the trampoline.  She was trying to keep 2 year old Millie off the trampoline and said to me:

Em: She can't come on here because big kids are on here. Big kids are very dangerous and big kids are very tough.


Later on, after the rain set in, Ember asked if we bake some chocolate chip cookies.  I found a recipe, we went to the shop to get the ingredients we needed, then came home and made them.  She helped me do the measuring and mixing, and then ran off to watch Daddy play Mario Kart until they were ready.  When I had gotten them out of the oven, she came running over for a look.

Em: Oh! No Mummy you made the wrong cookies!You should have made the ones like this! (pulls down her top to show me her chest, pointing at herself)
Me: Like what? I don’t know what you mean.
Em: Like this! Like my skin, this colour.

My biscuits were not burnt, but I think she was after something like Griffins chocolate chip biscuits!  I did make her one shaped like a butterfly, which she thought was very beautiful, but she had one bite and declared she didn't like it and reiterated that I was supposed to make the ones like her skin.

 Driving back from the "Raglan Mall" (i.e. the dump!) we spotted the Raglan bus. Me: Look Ember, there's the bus.
Em: That's just the blue bus.  I hate that blue bus, I only like the green bus.
Me: Look, it's got a picture of the pub on the side
Em: (gasp) It looks like the same pub!  Daddy, did you see that? It looked like the same pub!
Si: No.
Em: You missed it?
Si: Yep
Em: Oh Daddy, you always miss things...

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