Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The most complicated game of tag ever

Ember's latest favourite bath toys are her 'My Little Ponies', three of which actually were my little ponies when I was about her age.  The Ponies were playing games in the bath tonight - first Rainbow Dash was teaching Autumn Leaf how to swish her tail, and then they started playing tag.

Me: Did you play tag at Preschool today?
Em: No, I never played it in my whole life.
Me: Do you know how to play tag?
Em: Well I wanted to play it but Aidan didn't want to; he didn't care.
Me: But do you know how to play?
Em: The people chase you and then they touch them and say 'tag'!
Me: Yes, and then what happens if you get tagged?
Em: They run after the other people and say 'tag'
Me: Yep, so, if I was 'it' and I chased after you and tagged you, then you would be 'it' and you would have to chase the other people and try to tag one of them and make them 'it'.
Em: (gasps in delight) Yes! And if you were, if we were twins and I was a girl and you was a girl and I didn’t have a mummy or daddy and I was a sister and you were a sister and daddy was a sister then we could play tag and I could be it!

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  1. OMG. I' m lost already. I 'll just sit and watch this game I think. Much too complicated with all those sisters who used to be daddies and the ones that used to be mummies and the twin ex mummy and all playing tag with Ember as 'it. '. Nana is exhausted just thinking about it.


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