Saturday, September 22, 2012

Magic People, Boys and Babies

A few Emberisms from the last couple of days:

On Boys
I took Ember to Playcentre on Wednesday and as we were leaving I asked her:

Me: Did you have a good time Ember?
Em: Yep. I played with B
Me: Did you have fun playing with B?
Em: Yep (indignant voice) But I doesn't like her sister!
Me: Her sister?  You mean N? He's her brother.
Em: Yeah, I didn't like her brother. I didn't like that boy. I don't like boys. They get in my way.
Me: You like A and  L and M at Preschool don't you?
Em: Yes.
Me: Well they're boys. So you do like boys.
Em: I just don't like boys who get in my way!


On Magic

Randomly today while she was on her scooter coming over the footbridge:

Em: I wish I could see a magic person.  I don't have any magic people in my life.


On Giving Birth

I was brushing my teeth when Ember came into the bathroom, holding her baby doll (who, in fact, used to be my baby doll when I was a little girl!):

Em: Look Mummy, this baby was in my tummy and then she just plopped out!
Me: Oh, she just plopped out did she?
Em: Yep, but it's ok, my tummy didn't break.
Me: Oh good!

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