Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You WILL have a lovely day, or else...

I took Ember to the dentist at lunchtime today, and she was very good despite having to have one filling (oh, the shame!)  The only thing she really didn't like was having the cotton wad thingy by her tongue.

I dropped her back at Preschool afterwards and as I went to leave she suddenly came running after me again...

Em: Mummy! Don't go yet! I have to give you a cuddle and a big kiss!
Me: Ok!  (I give her a big cuddle and kiss as requested)
Em: (putting her hands either side of my face and putting on her serious voice) Now Mummy, remember to have a nice day.  If you have a boring day I won't be able to come home with you, but if you just have a lovely day then I will come home with you, ok? That's my deal.
Me: All right, I'll make sure I have a lovely day then.
Em: And make sure you don't annoy all the people, ok?
Me: I'll do my best.


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