Saturday, September 1, 2012

The next Pulitzer Prize contender - Camp on the Farm

I arrived back home yesterday after a week away and Ember was almost as pleased to see me as she was to see the toy dog I brought back for her.  I had promised to bring her back a present, and she found "Brown" at the airport when they came to see me off!  Thankfully he was still there when I arrived back.

This morning I was in bed reading my book when Ember took it off me and, as she often does with 'big' books, made up a table of contents of the stories it apparently contained and asked me which one I wanted her to read to me.  The stories were mostly along the lines of "I get left at Teenies" and "I show Aidan my toy dog at Preschool", but one was called "Camp on the Farm".  I wasn't sure Ember knew what camping was, so I requested that story.

Em: One day there was a camp on a farm and all the animals were missing.And the farmer had left the door open. And he didn’t know.
Me: What happened next? How did he get the animals back?
Em: Well, Nana Jay made him promise, and he did promise, but he didn’t promise because he was a greedy farmer.But he was a little boy and he thinked he was a farmer. And the real farmer was a grown up and he was a nice one and he promised.
Me: And did he get all the animals back?
Em: Yep, and all the animals wanted to stay in the camp! And there were twenty camps and twenty animals so they could stay in the camps and they got one each.
Me: (getting some maths in!) What would happen if there were twenty animals but only ten camps? How many animals would have to sleep in each camp then?
Em: Um, both of them.
I took that to mean that she had worked out there would be two animals in each camp, and that she is clearly a maths genius ;)  But I'm still not sure if she knows what a camp is!

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