Monday, December 3, 2012

Star bully

Ember and I are in Auckland at the moment, helping Mum pack up her house in preparation for moving, and this afternoon we popped over to Sylvia Park shopping centre. Ember was sitting on a chair eating a berry sorbet when she suddenly pointed at some random person and whispered:

Em: [whispering] That girl is a bully! [pause; normal voice] Mum, what does bully mean?
Me: It means a person who picks on you or is mean to you all the time for no reason. Where did you hear that word?
Em: Nowhere.
Me: But who said it to you?
Em: No-one!
Me: But why did you ask what it meant? You must have heard it somewhere.
Em: Well, my brother... Well, when my family was all died, and I was at my green house, a star came along to me and said "bully". A star said it to me and that's where I heard it.

Silly me for asking..!

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