Sunday, December 2, 2012

The makings of a great politician

Down at the park today, as she has for the last week or so, Ember wanted to be pushed on the swings for a little while, but then took over on her own, showing off her new skills at swinging herself.  She's finally mastered the rhythm of leaning back and forward, and bringing her legs out and in all at the right time, and she is very proud of herself.  As she went higher and higher today, she called out:

Em: Look Mummy!  Look at me!  I'm doing it all by my own!
Me: Yeah, that's great! You're going really high too.
Em: Are you so proud of me?
Me: Yes, I am.
Em: Why?
Me: Because you learned a new skill.  That's really clever.
Em: And now I don't need my Mummy and Daddy any more?
Me: Well, maybe for some things.
Em: Why?
Me: Like making your dinner.  And driving you to preschool. You might still need us for those things, huh?
Em: Well, but that's not my department!


Speaking of learning new "skills", yesterday morning we went into town with Poppa John and Nana, in Poppa J's car.  PJ is not very fond of traffic, and he... expressed his annoyance with the frequency of the red traffic lights.  That afternoon, Miss Em and I were in my car when I had to stop at some traffic lights.  A little voice pipes up from the back:

Em: Oh, f*ckin' sake!
Me: Did you just say 'oh, for goodness sake'?
Em: Yeah, coz the lights are red and that's so annoying and cross.

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