Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tricks and treats

Ember is quite fond of "treats" - lollies (sweets/candy depending on your part of the world), chocolate, lollipops etc - and although we limit the amount she is allowed, she does ask for them fairly often. This time of year there are lots around, so it's been worse than usual, and this morning she had a bit of a meltdown because she wanted a candy cane and I said no. It was so bad I ended up taking her for a drive, and when she calmed down we had (another) chat about how treats weren't good for your body or your teeth etc etc.

It's obviously been preying on her mind as she suddenly rushed up to me this afternoon, several hours after the "event" and said:

Em: Mama, I'm practicing some really good tricks for school! Because I'm trying, I think that I'm learning special tricks for when I go to school so I don't ask to have treats anymore. But my throat likes treats, and it tells me to want treats and that's why I ask for lollies and candy canes and things, but I'm learning special tricks to stop my throat telling me that. Because then I will have to go to the doctor or have holes in my teeth. (Pause) Bye Mama!

And off she went! We'll see how long it will last. :)

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