Saturday, December 22, 2012

Foxy, Santa...

Raglan is on the small side and doesn't have a big supermarket, so today I decided to go into Hamilton to do a big supermarket shop before Christmas.  I knew this would be much easier sans child, but at first she was determined she wanted to come with me.  Then Mum happened to mention the Christmas party day which was happening at the recently rebuilt Raglan Wharf.  Once she heard Santa was likely to be present, Ember changed her mind very quickly.  I dropped Em, Si and Tabasco (our dog) home, picked up the shopping bags and headed off.

Apparently, not long after I left, Ember started bugging Si about taking her to the Christmas party.

Si: What party?
Em: At the fox.
Si: The fox? What's the fox?
Em: The party is there, and Santa is coming. At the fox.
Si: I don't know where the fox is.
Em: The fox! Mummy said it!

Finally he texted me, asking where the Xmas party was that Ember was talking about, and I replied that it was at the wharf.  They wandered down, but it turned out that Santa wasn't coming until later, so I took her down again when I got home, and we had a great time, Santa and all.  I hadn't heard the first part of the conversation, but it came up later when Ember (who is a late toilet trainer but has recently graduated to doing poos on the potty) did a poo in her night nappy, and I was changing her.

Me: I was just thinking today how nice it was not to have to do this anymore.
Si: Why didn't you go poos in the potty or on the toilet Em?
Em: I thought Mummy and Daddy wasn't here!
Me: Don't be silly, where would we have gone?
Em: The fox!
Si: The fox?
Em: Yeah, where Santa was!
Si: Oh, you mean the wharf.
Em: Oh yeah, the wolf.

And suddenly it all became clear!

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