Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The mothering instinct

When I picked Ember up from Toddlers today (her daycare, part of Campus Creche), Kelly (one of the teachers) said to me: "Ember took very good care of her baby [doll] all day today."  There was a slight pause and then she said to me: "Do you have someone close to you with a young baby?"  I smiled and said "Was Ember breast feeding her baby?"  She was indeed.

The great thing is that at home she "breast" feeds her dollies from her belly button - they have milk and then water!  I figure it's more natural than feeding her dolly from a bottle anyway. 

Amber and Laura have a lot to answer for :-)

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  1. Ha! But I never feed William from my belly button! Although I have to say that I think she is instinctively (or intuitively?) mimicking the umbilical cord :)


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