Thursday, March 31, 2011

Or is it superman?

I have a small red spot on my right cheek, which most people probably think is a mole, but which is actually a blood vessel.  Children have always been fascinated by it (favourite comment ever, from a girl at Mum's school: "Can you move it to the other side?) and Ember is no exception.  It obviously caught her eye in the car on the way home today (I was sitting next to her in the back).

Em: What you got on there?
Me: It's a blood vessel.
Em: Bluh vessah?
Me: That's right.
Em: (big grin) I bite it?
Me: No, you can't bite it!
Em: Yes, I eat it! (starts making chomping faces)
Me: You can't eat it, it's part of my body, that would be yucky.  It would be like eating my finger.  Do you want to eat my finger?
Em: Yes! (grabs my little finger and tries to bite it.  Several moments of trying-to-eat-mummy hilarity ensues...)


Em: What you got on there, called name?
Me: Blood vessel.
Em: No, it's a bird!

Could have been worse I suppose!

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