Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mama (not you mama)

Ember has started role-playing quite a lot with her toys (which is scary because I hear my own voice coming out of her mouth fairly often!)  A week or so ago she was playing 'five little ducks' with all her bath ducks, and we had this very confusing conversation:

Em:   (in the bath) Mama?
Me:   yes?
Em:   no, not you mama, mama duck mama
Me:   oh, okay
Em:   Mama?
Me:   yeah?
Em:   no, not mama, mama duck mama!
Me:   ok, sorry
Em:   Mama? (pause) Mama? (pause) MAMA?
Me:   yes?
Em:   not you mama, mama duck mama!
Me:   I don't think she's going to answer
Em: ... (starts voicing Mama Duck)

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  1. This is my favourite so far! I can see a play or series of skits coming...


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