Monday, March 26, 2012

Best friends (Maaaaa...)

This evening while getting ready for bed, Ember said to me:

Em: Are you my friend Mummy?
Me: Yes, you're my best friend in the whole world.
Em: You're my second friend in the world. Daddy's my best friend.
Me: Is he? Why is Daddy your best friend?
Em: Because he's my moon friend, and you're my star friend. (pause) And Hannah's my goat.


  1. love it! She seems to be really in tune with the whole astronomy Hannah a capricorn?

  2. Just stumbled across your blog, but I must say that Ember is such an awesome name!

  3. Thanks, we like it! We wanted something a little unusual but not too weird.

  4. I love this! LOVE! I just adore the things that come out of children sometimes. And I love your daughter's name!


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