Saturday, March 17, 2012

If karma doesn't get you, the spiders will...

We are taking Hannah to Waitomo Caves tomorrow, and although I had told Ember we were going to see the glow worms, I don't think I had mentioned the caves themselves.  Tonight, while I was trying to encourage her to go to sleep, we had the following conversation:

Me: Come on Em, you need to go to sleep; we're getting up early tomorrow to go to the caves.
Em: (gasps) Caves?  Will there be bears in there?
Me: No, no bears.  Just glow worms.
Em: Will there be spiders?
Me: There will be spiders, but we probably won't see them.
Em: And they will hurt us?
Me: No, they won't hurt us. You probably won't even see them.
Em: They will hide from us?
Me: Yes.
Em: They will be hiding in the little birthday cave?
Me: Ummmm... yes (why not?!)
Em: And we can't go in that little birthday cave?
Me: No.
Em: Because the spiders will hurt us and kill us if we go in there?
Me: No, spiders don't usually hurt people at all.
Em: Just naughty people? Spiders don't hurt good girls, just naughty people?
Me: Uh, sure.
Em: Jake is a naughty people.
Me: Is he?*
Em: Yes, he is. The spiders are going to hurt him soon.
Me: I don't think they will.
Em: Yes, they will.  The spiders will hurt Jake. But not me. I'm a good girl.

Hmmm, somewhat debatable at times I feel!

*Jake (name changed!!) is a very cute but somewhat mischievous boy from creche.  We hear lots of stories about how naughty Jake is, but Ember also seems to enjoy playing with him. I think he'll go a long way, because his grin is too cute to stay cross with him for long!

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