Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh the humanity!

On the way home from work/Toddlers today, we had this little gem of a conversation:

Me: Do you know who's coming with us tomorrow?
Em: Who?
Me: Tabasco (our dog) - he's going to get a haircut.
Em: So he can get all fluffly?
Me: Well, no, so he can get less fluffy really.
Em: (pause) But he doesn't like to get cut, it might ouch him.
Me: He's not going to get cut, just his hair.
Em: Like you cut my hair?
Me: Yep.
Em: You cut my hair and I got brown hair.  You got brown hair like me Mummy!
Me: Yes, sort of.  I need to give you another hair cut don't I?
Em: (silence)
Me: It's either a hair cut or pigtails every day, what would you prefer?
Em: (decidedly) A hair cut.
Me: But you look so cute with pigtails!
Em: No, it hurts me when you do those pigtails.
Me: No it doesn't.
Em: Yes, you go wrap and wrap and wrap and wrap and it hurts me, it really hurts me.
Me: It's not that bad.
Em: Yes it does Mummy, so you don't got to make me sad and crying!
Me: Oh, well sorry!
Em: Don't talk to me now Mummy, I need a little rest.

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