Friday, March 16, 2012

Spidermans and Butterflies

Earlier this week I picked Ember up from creche and discovered that she had her face painted like Spiderman. To my knowledge, Ember has never seen Spiderman but probably decided it looked cool after seeing one of the other kids similarly decorated.

Me: Oh look, I haven't got an Ember to pick up, I've got a Spiderman!
Em: I'm Spiderman RARR
Me: I didn't know Spiderman said RARR
Em: Yep, they does. Spidermans says RARRR! RARRR! RAARRRR! (at various other children and parents)

Later, in the car.
Em: I'm hungry Mummy.  Spidermans need treats.
Me: What does Spiderman eat?
Em: Spidermans eat spiders!  RARR!
Me: Do they now?
Em: Yes, they does.  They eat spiders and the spiders come along and the Spidermans eat them all up.  But only lolly spiders.  I like lolly spiders. I got spiders at my house, I got spiders at my new green house and they is lolly spiders and I eat them all up. I can't see those spiders.
Si: I can (I have a car spider.  It's friendly so far though)
Em: Oh, yep, there it is.  I has to eat it now.
Me: Is is a real spider or a lolly spider?
Em: Um, a lolly spider.  I see that spider and it's in my tummy now.  It's in my tummy now Mama.
Me: Oh, good.

Later, walking back up the hill from the dog park.
Em: Look at that butterfly!
Me: It's pretty isn't it?
Em: Can I chase it?
Me: No, it's on the other side of the road and there's no footpath. You can't run over there to chase it.
Em: Ohhh. But please Mummy.
Me: No, you can't go on the road!
Em: But Spidermans chase butterflies. They does. Spidermans has to chase butterflies.
Me: I thought Spiderman chased bad guys.  Naughty people.
Em: Um, yep, they does, Spidermans chase naughty people AND butterflies.

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